Piscialandrea – Traditional Ligurian Focaccia

Polenta & Baccalá


Here it is a new post with a recipe from the endless world of the Italian focaccia/pizza 🙂

This time we are in Liguria region, more precisely in the western part bordering with France.

The Piscialandrea it’s just one of the many names that this recipe has between the villages and towns of that area, but the recipe is basically the same, with few little variants.

It’s a very old recipe that dates back to 1300-1400, originally it was made without tomato (and that version it can be still found in the French recipe called Pissaladière, from the city of Nice which is exactly bordering with Imperia province, and until 1860 was part of the Kingdom of Sardinia, and Italian was the main language), but then after the discovery of America also tomato has been added.

One of the most common stories about its origin says that its…

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