Picaditas – Corn Dough Appetizers for Mexico’s Flag Day

My Slice of Mexico

History Tidbit:

On February 24, 1821, in the town of Iguala (currently in the Mexican state of Guerrero), Mexican military leader Agustín de Iturbide presented a plan declaring Mexico as an independent country, to end a cruel war that had lasted almost a decade.  Iturbide also imagined a flag, created under his watchful supervision; the design included diagonal bands in different colours, representing three principles, which were demanded as basic guarantees in his plan: Green – Independence, White – Religion, and Red – Unity.  This flag was adopted that same day by the Mexican Army (named Ejército Trigarante – Army of the Three Guarantees), and is considered the precursor of Mexico’s flag.  Iturbide’s “Plan de Iguala” (“Iguala Plan”), was also the basis for the formal Treaty of Córdoba, in Veracruz, an agreement that recognized Mexico’s sovereignty and arranged for the withdrawal of the Spanish army, signed a few months…

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