Pasta e Patate – Pasta and Potatoes, Neapolitan Style

Polenta & Baccalá

pasta e patate 5a

Past’ e patane” they say in Naples 🙂

Many times people tell me “you eat pasta so often? it’s not good”, so probably some of them could be shocked to the idea of pairing pasta and potatoes in the same recipe (“carbs with carbs, oh my God!“), especially according to some modern and trendy diets spreading on the web nowadays, but….yes it’s possible 🙂

As I repeated many times, we don’t have to eat something every day of the year but sometimes everything is ok, especially if we are always cooking with passion, with good ingredients and if we are looking for our “stomach happiness” every time we sit at the table and every time we look inside our dish 😀 if then we also might want to have a look at some official statistics we can easily find out that Italy is still in the very top…

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