Pasta e Lenticchie – Pasta and Lentils, Neapolitan Style

Polenta & Baccalá


Here it is another very good traditional pasta recipe coming from the area of Naples, following the similar previous ones made with beans, with chickpeas and with potatoes 🙂

Lentils are a very good and healthy legume, rich in proteins and in iron.

There are various types of lentils, with different colors, shapes, size. And differently than other legumes it’s not needed to soak them for hours in water, at least not in this recipe.

What I used in this case are “lenticchie di Colfiorito“, as the name suggests they are produced in the plateau of Colfiorito, at 1400 meters of altitude, an area which is famous for this production and these lentils have a small size, they are one of those types which don’t lose the peel while cooking and they stay firm after cooking, which is important for the final texture of this dish…

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