Indian Curry: Okra, Mushroom, Tomato, Onion

Of Goats and Greens

Contains:  Nightshades.  Is: Vegetarian, vegan, Paleo, Whole30.  

recipe, Indian, okra, mushroom, tomato, onion, curry, vegetarian, paleo, Whole30Aromas and tastes were awesome. (This serving was actually breakfast here, this past Wednesday.)

I’ve been wanting to do a vegetarian Indian okra and mushroom dish for awhile.  Everything else was here to hand, just needed the inspiration towards putting this all together.  Will be getting three good meals out of this.  

Indian, curry, recipe, okra, mushroom, tomato, onion, Paleo, Whole30, vegetarian, veganJust about cooked here. Aromas are wonderful.  The green not yet mixed in – that’s curry leaf.

The okra (bhindi or vendakkai) is not at all slimy in this recipe – both the longitudinal cutting, and the high acidity of the tomato, defeat any slime.  Personally, I don’t mind the slime, but wanted to cook this the best for the majority of my readers.  Try to find it as fresh as you can – I have the best luck at Indian specialty markets.  Alas, this batch came…

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