Green Beans in Creamy Chipotle Sauce

My Slice of Mexico

In my garden, my Scarlet Red runner beans are blooming (photo below, left), and my heirloom Calypso already have a few pods (photo below, right):

At my local supermarkets, large bags of fresh green beans are available right now, so I got one. Green beans are better the sooner they are processed, so I washed them, trimmed the ends and sliced them into one-inch long sections.  Since it was far too much to use at once, I added them to a pot of boiling water (photo below, left) and let them cook, at high heat to keep them rolling (photo below, right):

After a few minutes, when the beans had turned a bright tone of green, I removed them from the heat, rinsed them in cold water and let them drain in a colander:

20190716_rinsed and drained blanched green beans

I divided 2-cup batches into freezer bags to store for future use, reserving two cups for…

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