Reuben Style Hawaiian Slider Sandwiches

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Reuben Style Hawaiian Slider Sandwiches

I was shopping for a few items the other day and I saw a package of the Kings Hawaiian Rolls my kids love so much on the shelf. But, then I saw hot dog and hamburger rolls next to them! Did you hear the heavens open up and start singing? We love these rolls and now we have the hot dog and hamburger rolls here, amazing! I can’t wait until they get the loaves of bread too! I am already brainstorming what to make with them.

About a three weeks or ago I made these sliders with the traditional ham and cheese that everyone does. (Click for link to original recipe.) At that time I was already thinking ahead to ways to change up these sandwiches. Around St. Patrick’s Day corned beef is on sale and I stock up on them because that tends to be the only time…

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