Chicken & Rice-2


It’s time for another chicken and rice post! The previous Chicken and Rice post was was shown so much love and appreciation, that I decided to make this a series with the 2 main ingredients- rice and chicken being prepared with different ingredients and flavors. In this particular recipe, the rice has a bit of flavor of it’s own and compliments the chicken beautifully. This dish has it all, the chicken with the protein, the rice with the carbs and the veggies with the turnip leaves and baby tomatoes and of course, tons of flavor. As most of my dishes, this one is an easy recipe as well with a cooking of time of less than an hour. Perfect for lunch or dinner, this one should keep you full till the next meal.

Chicken, turnip leaves and tomato gravy with flavored rice

Chicken thighs-3
Baby tomatoes-1 cup

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