Southern Sausage and Rice Casserole

What's for Dinner Moms?

Yes, another sausage recipe. We are using up the last of the bulk sausage we bought this month. I have used it in many different dishes and my family is still not tired of sausage. That is the great thing. If you can make your dishes taste different from night to-night you can eat the same meat and not get tired of it because it is so different. Garlic Butter Italian Sausage Sandwiches last week (click for link to original recipe) and now a Southern Sausage and Rice Casserole.

Most families have some sort of this dish in their repertoire. Most associate this dish with a childhood memory of mom or grandma making this. That is one of the reasons I love making dinners each night. I hope when my children are older they will remember the good feelings of being in the kitchen and at the dinner table. Maybe…

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