Peach Raspberry Crostata with Almond Crust


This is a wonderful summer dessert that has a beautiful rustic appeal. I used almonds in the crust and a bit of extract to flavor the fruit for delicious flavor. The quality and taste of the dessert is obviously continent on the quality of your fruit. Peaches are in season right now, so look for firm, but fragrant peaches that can be separated from the pit without too much effort. I like to keep the skins on as I think it adds to not only great color but also conforms with the rustic nature of this dessert. You could easily substitute in nectarines for the fruit and any other berry that is most ripe. I love the almond flavor with the peaches and raspberries. I like to roll my dough out on a piece of parchment paper and then transfer the parchment paper and the tart directly onto the baking…

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