Buy Gourd, Pumpkin and Drumstick online at the best price

Buy Gourd, Pumpkin and Drumstick online at the best price

I hope nobody takes this the wrong way — I mean who would except the kind of people I know who would take offense at people buying out other people’s groceries, the way that everyone I know does without conscience, so you know, pretend to have a conscience; and otherwise, most people wouldn’t take offense…. So, I hope nobody takes this the wrong way.

But I think it’s very interesting to see how other countries have their online groceries that they are different kinds of groceries from ours. I have always thought that’s an interesting thing of globalization.

So I shared this page on my blog, above that is from Big Basket which is an online grocery store in India only.

Fresh India Bazaar California

Interestingly enough, you can find fresh snake gourd online — in California at this website. If you want to click through the site, you have to enter a delivery address. Click on the option, see our delivery zones, find any zip code and enter it, to view the list.

It’s a nice shop, maybe someday, more states will have something like this, so that when you see something to make in Indian Cuisine, you can find it easily without having to grow it!

Snake Gourd Facts Page on Specialty Produce Website

And I also included a facts page on the vegetable, that ties into other interesting vegetable facts page on the same website. This is just above.