Grilled Eggplant & Tomato Pasta Recipe – EatingWell

I know that many people won’t allow themselves to change a delicious healthy cooked pasta salad, like this, from a whole wheat to another kind of pasta, because it’s some kind of failed vow in the cosmos. Diets and health plans that work out in the cosmos, rarely help us when we’re trying to help ourselves and not the cosmos: otherwise, kudos. (I pretend to know anything about any topic frequently and refuse to say why; probably because, I don’t have a good reason.)

But just for the case of sounding convincing, I could make an assumption for myself and anyone, that, if you changed, whole wheat pasta to no-gluten pasta, or else to spinach pasta, or even tri-colore pasta — you are advancing in the race of a healthy pasta dish and not having to indulge all the dehydrating glutens, however fulfilling, that healthy whole wheat lends to a diet. It’s a wonderful formula for energy and digestion, but it doesn’t solve everyone’s demands to eat well enough to finish right in the culinary column of what is good for you — you have to eat what you like; seriously, that was the entire post here for me, to have tried to say that, it’s a shame to toss off excellent good-for-you recipes, especially pasta recipes, because you can’t fulfill the whole song and story of it.

I don’t have a whole lot of confidence in wheat pasta as being the healthiest alternative — it has a great deal of gluten and sugars in it, and reduced starches enough, and however, that reduce caloric intake and that’s all; so for that matter, it can be considered healthy. But it’s healthier just to reduce the oleo resin of the pasta (dish) overall and stick to regular durum flour wheat pasta. (Just a thought.)


Grilled Eggplant & Tomato Pasta Recipe – EatingWell