Focaccia Barese

Polenta & Baccalá


New blog post about another of the countless traditional focaccia made in Italy 🙂

This time we are in Puglia, a beautiful southern Italian region. And focaccia barese it’s so good that it’s famous almost through the whole country.

As the name say, it is typical of Bari, which is the capital city of the region. Its particularity is the fact that also potatoes are being used inside the dough.

This is a recipe that in its place of origin can be found through the whole day, it is perfect as an aperitive or for a merenda 🙂 obviously the best season to make it is summer, when the local delicious tomatoes are well ripe.

Traditionally it is made in large round shaped oven pans, and its thickness it’s not more than 1,5 cm but of course each location make it different, so in some villages far from Bari…

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