Eggplant & Zucchini


It’s time for a vegetarian curry! I have been getting requests for more vegetarian dishes and this curry is a really tasty and healthy option. Many people aren’t big fans of eggplants but I think they are delicious and so versatile. Back in Kuwait, we have this ‘Falafel Mushakal’ sandwich and you always get this piece of fried eggplant, sometimes 2 if lucky and it’s probably my favorite bite in that iconic sandwich. For this curry, I microwave the baby eggplants for few minutes in the microwave which helps in easier cooking and greater taste. The process is similar to salting the eggplants before cooking to absorb the moisture. They can also be roasted over the fire and then the skin removed which just gives you amazing soft jelly like flesh inside. The zucchini gives you the bit of crunch you need in an otherwise really soft curry and pairs…

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