Butter Sautéed Tomato and Onions on Toast

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I was nostalgic recently to have this tomato and onion dish my Mom and my Aunty Jaya used to make when I was much younger and growing up in India. Us kids would have this saucy tomato dish with buttered bread and it tasted like heaven to us back then. When we were living in India in the late 70s bread wasn’t widely available where we lived, and when we could buy some it was more of a luxury than a norm, which meant that when we ate bread it was a treat. One of the ways we had bread was with this tomato and onion sautéd in butter.

IMG_1236.jpg Mom & Jaya Aunty in Paris, France in 1970 holding a street performer’s monkeys. Mom and my Dad were stationed in London while Jaya Aunty and Chary Uncle were stationed in Paris for a few years as expats.

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