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I really thought that Bacon in the Oven was going to be something both funny and delicious and so a little wonderfully perplexing, like, Bacon in the Oven … baked adjacent or in the vicinity of pork riblets smothered in Bourbon BBQ sauce, smoked paprika seasons, applewood smoked BBQ Bourbon chicken strips and paprika garlic potato wedges, to serve beside a bib lettuce and tomato, radish salad. But it was not.

It doesn’t really seem a legitimate dish. But the rest of them are legitimate. This is food for thought for me, because people in the past have been so curious, on my behalf, why, for all the food love I do truly exhibit, I have no motivation to be an original creator. I try and try to explain this. But if this is the case, I could write a cookbook now — sorry; and so they hope that someday I will get off my lazy trip, as they claim, and write a cookbook, however it would seem to be — so I could write a cookbook now, about the inspiring work of peeling potatoes and boiling eggs.

I doubt of its success being true; it couldn’t really be and actually, I have tried to explain that there is no cookbook for me to write. When I begin with broth, it begins, “instant bouillion and water,” and I can’t get any further the writer’s block is stigmatizing. Besides that, I just find it a waste of time and embarrassing to write things like, “add prepared sauces from the store to your favorite frozen foods once they have thawed and cook, to your own personal tastes,” and call it the section on meat, fish and shellfish.

But now, I’m starting to wonder if I might actually HAVE an original idea!

Bacon in the Oven

75 Top-Rated Recipes Of All Time – Genius Kitchen