Meat and potato terrine mascé – Meat

If I had to prepare a Fourth of July on my own?

That’s a really mean question to make me answer on my blog. My Facebook followers are kind of mean and rotten….

Well, I guess I would do the same as I do on every holiday, which is choose the meat cuts and side ingredients and make someone else worry about it and if it’s fewer people, simply plan to carry-out, which I like.

So chicken, pork chops, some steak, ground beef, ground lamb & ground turkey (fine with me, but don’t know if it can be found), gyro meat then; and brats and some frozen fish. (I’m not fond of hot dogs, so no one gets that from me if I have to prep the list.) Flank steaks for appetizers maybe. Then breads to match, potatoes of course, onions, green and red and yellow peppers, broccoli, green beans, red beats, white turnips, cauliflower, radishes, lettuces, carrots, peas, mayonnaise, dressings (have to poll for that), relishes, ketchups, mustards, pickles (have to poll for all those), BBQ sauce (goes without saying). I must be forgetting things. Whatever for the grills, to run the grills. What else? Whatever anyone needs to make anything with those things. Serving things. Regular drinks and coolers (leave that to someone else, besides the juice, water and milk and tea and soda). Do you see why this is useless for me? Oh I forgot, zucchini and butternut squash (love those).

I’m sure I’ve forgotten something. And I still like to eat carry-out, so probably something from carry-out. (I’d rather not say: my Facebook page is really mean.) I like Asian food on all holidays. I just do.

Oh! And of course, some way to come up with stuffed pasta and/or lasagna.

That’s about it though.

I prefer all these recipes from the last few weeks!

I forgot cake and ice cream.


Meat and potato terrine mascé – Meat