Wholesome Noodles

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NOODLES: Wholesome Noodles - Recipe in masalahealth.com NOODLES: Wholesome Noodles – Recipe in masalahealth.com

A well- known fact is – ‘Noodles are an essential ingredient and staple in Chinese cuisine’ and a lesser-known reality is that preparingnoodles forbreakfast is a healthy and a stress-free option – by adding slices of capsicum and tomato, both these vegetables are massed with vitamin A and vitamin C (… valuable antioxidants) and capsicum springs the noodles with a robust spicy flavour.

 The recipe:

  • In a combine of vegetable oil and butter – sauté slices of onion, followed by finely mashed garlic pieces, slices of capsicum, and slices of tomato and add salt.
  • Once the vegetables turn tender, add sliced pieces of pork sausages.
  • Add the boiled noodles and mix the assortment.


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