Gluten-free cherry clafoutis – Spoon desserts


Gluten-free cherry clafoutis – Spoon desserts

And an Extra Bonus recipe from the same page in video here:

I’m kind of sorry that I didn’t realize the instructions wouldn’t be in English. So I hope to have made it readable here.

Frolla: is the preparation of the pastry dough. So farina is flour; zucchero, they want you to use regular white cane sugar, a pinch of salt, cold butter (or margarine, be sure), eggs, fresh lemon. It was going to quickly for me to continue to slow it down to write out the ingredients better, so you can see the amounts with whatever they tell you, but just in case I pointed out whatever was what.

Then instruction wise. briciole (means crumbs), so somewhere it says make the impasto a bricole, which means, make the dough crumby and also, don’t overwork the dough and finally let it rest in the fridge, when they have it wrapped in saran wrap.

Then they go to the interior creamy part; you need fresh ricotta, ground nuts, choco chips (the minis) and I think fresh lemon and eggs and if I have missed an ingredient, it is because it is the same as in the pastry dough.

The instructions will match up easily from here: you refrigerate the cream batter when it’s done, you add wax paper to the torte pan (they show you how), you butter and flour the sides and add 1/3 of the pastry crust to the pan as they show, then fill the torte pan with ricotta filling and cover the filling with the rest of the pastry crust (they show you how).

You cook it at 180 degrees centigrade, which is, 350 (even up to 375) degrees fahrenheit, for one hour and let cool and then remove it from the torte pan and flip it upside down and cover it up on top with some powedered confectionary sugar sifted over it!