All Seasons, Spicy Fish Curry Recipe – Dhoma /Croakar/Dodyaro/Hodki in Piquant Curry

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FISH CURRY: Dhoma /Croakar/Dodyaro/Hodki in PiquantCurry - Recipe in FISH CURRY: Dhoma /Croakar/Dodyaro/Hodki in PiquantCurry – Recipe in

Croakers /Sciaenidsare found worldwide, in both fresh and salt water, they are small to medium-sized fishes.

For this recipe I have used salt water and small sized croakers,

The Recipe:

  • Marinate the fish with generous sprinkle of turmeric powder (usually a teaspoon of turmeric powder for 10 small sized fish) and smidgen of salt according to your preference.
  • For the curry paste I used these ingredients:
  1. Finely grated shreds of coconut meat ( half of the coconut shell )
  2. Chopped pieces of ( 3 medium ) onions
  3. Chopped pieces of one green chilli
  4. One teaspoon of mustard seeds
  5. Few garlic cloves ( about 7 to 10)
  6. A small share of ginger
  7. Chopped pieces of coriander leaves (according to preference – the more greener or zestier you want the curry the more the leaves)
  8. One glass full of (about 5…

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