Green Beans & Pork


Growing up, one of my favorite vegetables or green foods was the humble green beans. The green beans recipes that I ate as a kid were mostly in the form of a thoran (a coconut based vegetable dish in Kerala with Indian spices and flavors). The beans were sauteed in fresh curry leaves, mustard and cumin seeds along with freshly grated coconut in addition to many Indian spices and flavors. Over here in the US, I have cooked green beans differently. Firstly, always use fresh green beans/french beans. There is a world of difference in fresh and frozen. This recipe goes great with the beans alone but pair it up with some ground meat (in this case pork), it just adds that amazing extra bit of flavor and fat which elevates the dish to another level and Yes, a soft boiled egg on top never hurt anyone!

Ground Pork…

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