Fennel-scented Braised Squid with Aioli

Dinner Document

I barely ever cook squid – I can probably count the occasions on one hand. This is not to do with preference, I always order squid if it’s on a restaurant menu. It’s mainly that squid usually requires a special trip to a fishmonger, and I am rarely near a fishmonger at the right moment. I often walk past the fish shops in Newcastle after teaching at the university, but don’t feel I can inflict a fishy parcel on a heated train carriage for 5 hours as I make my way home… and the contents would spoil, too. 

I passed by a fishmonger with a sign saying ‘FRESH SQUID’ in Frinton-on-Sea in Essex when we’d driven there for a rainy Saturday to cheer ourselves up. The man in the shop put 3 handfuls of pre-prepared squid in a bag and I had in mind to use the two bulbs of…

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