Spicy Portuguese Shrimp

Is that Salmon or Papaya?

At first glance there doesn’t seem to be much to this recipe and in truth, there isn’t.It’s basically just a recipe for seasoned shrimp. Officially labeled Spicy Portuguese Shrimp with Garlic, I think this dish is a highly versatile base for any number of recipes. In the magazine they recommend serving it as is, with toast, which I feel is an outstanding appetizer option, but lacks in the entrée department. In the end I opted to serve it over brown rice, but alsotried a couple of the shrimp crostini style, much to my satisfaction. As I said, a great appetizer. If served over rice or noodles this recipe could use some vegetables. I haven’t done that yet, butfeel it would be a great opportunity to cater to your tastes. Options include…

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