Plums, Almonds and Maple Syrup Cake

Tasty Eats

When I bought some early season plums at the store, I was a bit disappointed with their flavor. As cooking, or baking, intensifies the flavor of unripe fruit, my solution was to use them in a cake. The fact that fruit cakes are my favorite, only added to the motivation.
This time I decided to top the cake with the fruit, but also to add some of it to the batter itself. To make things even more interesting, I spiced the cut fruit with a hefty amount of cinnamon, and flavored it with maple syrup, which compensated a bit for their somewhat bland flavor. I also added some almond meal to the batter, which gave the cake a nice crumbly texture, and scattered slivered almonds on top, for some crispy texture and nutty flavor.
The cake came out very tasty, moist and fragrant, with a nice balance of mild sweetness…

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