Beef Burger Salting Decisions

Of Goats and Greens

Is:  Paleo, Whole30, a tasting experiment.  Note:  I use lettuce wraps cuz I love ’em.  Your mileage may vary.  

The received wisdom is that seasonings should be added atop the burgers, not mixed in.  At least that’s the current word from on high, or whatever direction such decisions come from.

recipe, ground beef, hamberger, salt, pepperTwo patties, ready for one skillet. Left patty, salt and pepper mixed in. Right patty – applied on top (and bottom)

My parents made their burgers mixing in whatever seasonings INTO the burgers.  I grew up loving them that way, and this is what I continue to do.  They’d buy ground meat, add in whatever (including that salt so allegedly detrimental within the burger innards) and go on from there.  Typically, Mom would add salt, pepper, finely chopped onion, Worcestershire or A-1 sauce, and maybe a few flicks of various other spice rack seasonings.  Occasionally, she’d add finely…

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