Spicy Vegetarian Arabiatta Pasta Sauce

A close friend with watches out for my Italian recipe reposts here, was rather upset I keep forgetting the posting of this recipe for vegan arrabiatta sauce, which, we understand, me & this other fellow, people outside Italy don’t believe in: vegan Italian anything. But no, Italian food can be also hugely vegan to one side of it. So I wanted to work around this sauce inclusion to an Italian pasta day, but I can’t get around to it. I suppose to just post it here.
(Please remember this is both recipe! I am a reblogger.)

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Over the last month we have received so many deliveries of  garden vegetables that I had to come up with a recipe that would use up ALL these vegetables in one dish. The inspiration for this vegetarian pasta sauce came from my neighbor’s bounty of homegrown vegetables, which included a few spicy peppers, organic heirloom tomatoes, cherry tomatoes, eggplants, bell peppers, and squash. I decided to make an Italian spicy marinara sauce called arabiatta sauce.

Arabiatta sauce is a spicy marinara sauce that literally means “angry sauce” in Italian. We have had pasta with arabiatta sauce many times at local Italian restaurant The Pastaria & Market.  Their popular arabiatta sauce has meat but they do make a vegetarian version that is out of this world delicious and spicy!!!  Here is my recipe for a vegetarian arabiatta pasta sauce. chock full of garden vegetables.

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