Spicy Potato and Tuna Cutlets and Mini Sliders


Maldivians love tuna and we love making snacks or finger foods using tuna. Tea time and snacks go together and especially during Ramadan we make a few varieties to break our fast.

These spicy potato and tuna cutlets are an all time favourite. But wait, it’s not the old cutlets again I hear you say, or yes they are. But you are in for a treat this time. A mini burger treat. So let’s switch it up.

For the burger lover I have the perfect mini burgers. Use the same mixture, flatten it out a bit and you’ve got yourself mini burgers.. They are crispy and delicious. Fill your mini sliders and enjoy with your favourite sauce and cheese if preferred.
So you’ve got 2 favourite snacks from one. Everyone’s happy! I am all for a good burger now and then, so these are just perfect. Hope you’ll like it…

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