Homemade Machaca

My Slice of Mexico

Machacar is a verb in Spanish that means to grind or mash by pounding. Traditionally machaca is meat that has been sundried, cooked and pounded into small pieces (hence, the name.)  This was originally a method to preserve meat, developed in the Northern Mexican states of Sonora and Nuevo Leon; hunters often prepared venison and other game meats, but nowadays, with the creation of wild life sanctuaries, beef is the most common choice. The dried pounded meat is also sold packaged, for a long shelf life. I saw some beef machaca from Sonora in a small grocery store in Mexico City:

001 Mexico City machaca from Sonora

However, because it is not vacuum packed, this product is not allowed across the border into the US or Canada. Some Southern states in the US have embraced this dish, and packaged machaca is available at Hispanic stores, but I have never seen it in Canada.  To prepare…

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