Frittata di borragine: la ricetta del contorno facile e saporito

Frittata with Borage Leaves

I’m happy to attract some die hard lovers of vegetable & fish dishes, besides meat & poultry lovers & followers in my multi-cultural & multi-genred list of renovated recipes from around the web. But to my fault, with or without these people my re-post choices would be the same but the meaning of it seems better to me. So I make the occasions of increasing the difficulty of the ingredients from time to time, but it seems a perilous activity. I’m rather worried about some suggestions like this one. So for that case ….

I have linked a short page to notate alternatives, the suggestion being spinach leaves.

Borage Substitutes

Also suggesting googling “borage leaves” if it of interest to find any more articles on it. I’m posting from my phone today & can’t amplify my works, so I have to leave it to the visitor’s job to search on.