Crispy Tuna Rolls



These crispy golden tuna rolls are the perfect finger food to enjoy with a cup of tea. Maldivians love tuna and we love making short eats or snacks or finger foods using tuna. These come in various shapes and sizes, and each one has their own unique taste. While almost all of them will have tuna and chilli, the taste differ from one to the other. Some may be baked like the Maldivian fish cake (kulhi boakibaa) while others are deep fried. But what they have all in common is they are so moreish!

Tea time and snacks go together. When friends and families get together for afternoon tea, the table is filled with these lovely savoury snacks and sweet ones too. So I hope to make a few of these finger foods and share them with you during this month of Ramadan. We break our fast with…

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