Chicken, Corn and Shishito peppers Patties

Tasty Eats

Fresh corn is one of my favorite vegetables, and now that the season has started, I once again use it on its’ own, or mixed with different ingredients, to create new dishes. The following chicken patties are one example of the later.
Including cooked fresh corn in the chicken mixture, adds lots of fiber to the patties, along with wonderful sweetish flavor, and creamy texture. The addition of Shishito peppers and pickled Peppadew peppers to the mix, contributed more layers of flavor and color. The patties are light and tasty, and can be served hot or at room temperature. They are perfect for lunch or dinner, served with lightly fried Shishito peppers and lime wedges, as I’ve done here, or with any other condiments you prefer. Try them and enjoy.

* Shishito peppers are thin skinned slender green peppers, which are mostly sweet (even though some can be mildly…

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