Carrot and Green Peas Curry



This is as simple as a curry can get! If you have a bag of frozen peas, carrots and a few spices, then you are in luck. However, if you have time, freshly toasted and ground spices will lift the curry to a new level. If not  use store bought ground spices and it will still taste good.

Toast the seeds in a dry fry pan for a minute or so or until you can see them dancing in the pan. Be careful as not to burn them. Take off heat and grind them in a small coffee grinder or mortar and pestle if you are doing a tablespoon. I prefer to grind them a bit coarser  in texture. As I cook curries almost daily I make small quantities of spices to last me for a week or so. Curries are quite forgiving, so  even if you do not have all…

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