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Pasta alla Gricia

Polenta & Baccalá


After having already wrote about Carbonara and Amatriciana, here it is another classic recipe of the Roman cuisine: the Pasta alla Gricia.

This is the simplest of the 3, indeed only 4 ingredients are required: pasta, guanciale, pepper and Pecorino cheese.

But if apparently it might seem an easy recipe, to obtain the best result there is to take care to every detail, like always when few ingredients are used.

First of all the guanciale must be cut not too thin, otherwise we risk to burn it. It has to be cut in thicker slices and browned, but still soft and not crunchy. It must also have the right amount of fat and meat.

Then we have to “mantecare” the pasta in the pan, adding the right amount of boiling water to obtain kind of a cream with the help of the starch contained in the pasta. In this…

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