Peposo – Traditional Tuscan Stew

Polenta & Baccalá


This is a very tasty and juicy recipe, typical of Tuscany and more precisely of Florence area.

It’s a very old recipe, and its complete name is “Peposo alla fornacina” or “Peposo dell’Impruneta“, because it was created in the XV century by some brick cookers at the kilns situated at Impruneta, a town on the hills surrounding Florence and well known for terracotta productions. The story says that in that period, at the time of Brunelleschi, during the construction of the very famous cupola of Florence Cathedral, there was a higher request of bricks and as a consequences there were more “fornacini” (the workers) working at the kilns. These workers were working hard from morning until evening and didn’t have much money, so some of them started to put what they could manage to find inside some terracotta pots and place it…

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