Ossobuco alla Milanese – Veal/Beef Shank, Milan Style

Polenta & Baccalá


The “Ossobuco alla Milanese” is absolutely one of my favorite recipes, I simply love it, and the particular taste given by the so called “gremolada” makes it special and delicious 🙂 (The gremolada is a mixture of lemon zest, parsley and garlic added in the end, which is the special ingredient absolutely needed in this recipe).

Moreover it’s a dish made with a cut which is sold at good prices, that makes it a dish of great value too.

It’s an old recipe typical of Milan cuisine and famous through all Italy (in the dialect of Milan it’s called “òs büs“), the first recipes date back some centuries and in the oldest recipes there was no tomato because it was not yet a common ingredient in northern Italy at that time, only later it has been added. But someone still prefer to cook this recipe without tomato.

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