Lamb Chops “a Scottadito”, with Tzatziki and Mint Sauce

Polenta & Baccalá


I know that nowadays many people, meat eaters I mean, don’t like the idea to eat lamb, but even if I eat much less meat than the average, I’m not vegetarian/vegan so in Easter traditionally I also eat lamb. Actually in my family we use to eat the kid goat (always bought from a farmer, neighbor of my father’s field), but in Hungary I can’t find it easily.

Usually we do a roast, but this year I opted for an easier and faster recipe, but also very delicious. Indeed the chops need few minutes and they are ready 🙂 actually the real recipe “costolette di agnello a scottadito” are made on the grill, but also in a good iron pan or cast iron pan you can have a very good result. Why scottadito? Literally it means “burning your fingers”, because you have to eat them with hands…

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