HUAWEI P30 Pro, P30 & P30 lite – Specs, Price & Features | TELUS

This slayed me finally. I have been watching it every day for a week when I watch Canadian channels every day on IPTV. I work while I have the TV on so I am not always paying attention and I hear the song — still wondering what it is and I would like to hear it. Finally a few days ago I turned around from my desk to see it. I didn’t laugh because I thought it was stunning photography and concept. Then whenever I heard the music I realized whatever was going on and I was sorry I don’t have a guinea pig for a pet, because I like those creatures, but it’s too much work for me in my small apartment, so no. And so many times, it just really caught up with me. I can’t laugh hard enough without killing myself, but it’s so artistic! Absolutely!

(Telus is Canada’s Spectrum generally. They might be more than that.)


HUAWEI P30 Pro, P30 & P30 lite – Specs, Price & Features | TELUS


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