Fried Chicken!


Who doesn’t like Fried Chicken? It’s a guilty pleasure that when seasoned and made well, is a plate full of joy and happiness. I love fried chicken and while it’s not the best food in terms of health and nutrition, it more than makes up for in taste and flavor. The crispy skin on the outside and the juicy, tender and succulent chicken inside make it a favorite among all people of different race, age or cultures. The story of the origin of fried chicken is pretty fascinating on how it’s transitioned into ‘soul food’ and I learnt most of it from the ‘Fried Chicken’ episode in ‘Ugly Delicious’ (on Netflix). There are many different ways to prepare,season and spice fried chicken. The flavors in this recipe blend very well with the chicken thighs and legs. I chose the thighs & legs over the breast piece due it being soft…

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