Roman Style Chicken Recipe | Pollo alla Romana con Peperoni

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Pollo alla Romana, or Roman chicken, is a wonderful, savory dish made with braised chicken and roasted peppers. A spice rub mixture of rosemary, sage, and oregano add extra flavor to the chicken itself, while tomato sauce, garlic, and white wine make up a mouth-watering sauce.

This is a classic Roman dish that you will see in many trattorias. Roman chicken is fresh, colorful, and flavorful. The aroma of the roasting peppers is enough to make your guests come running to the kitchen to taste what is cooking in the oven.

This dish is so simple to prepare, and it will introduce you to the tastes of central Italian cuisine. In Sicily, they have a similar recipe, but they substitute vinegar for wine and add raisins to give it a distinct flavor. I know your family and guests will enjoy this delicious chicken and roasted peppers recipe.

For this roman…

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