Salted Dove Recipe – The Yellow Saffron Recipe

An interesting variation on the sweet favorite.

(It’s fine to assume that whatever recipes you like to follow is your own path to choose — which is the spirit that I post my recipe re-posts and finds from around the internet. I just can’t let a good chance for somebody to find what they’re looking for in food get away, you know; but also, I seriously don’t believe in the fetish of the day being the it and all of a holiday; a holiday is all about meaning and message and commemorating the meaning and message by observing it fully for a day. However, you can take the meaning and message with you all during the year and so also remember the food that was good on it. Taking out peppermint bark in July is something I’ve seen, for instance, but I’m not meaning that per se. But for instance, I put in several Christmas chocolate recipes in for Easter because they were useful. So you know, make the bread, without the dove knowing about it, some other time. Right! Life is just a wonderful mystery even without knowing it sometimes!… I had a gripe about posting too much food. I suppose, I am not honoring posting less food.)


Salted Dove Recipe – The Yellow Saffron Recipe