Pork Loin on Beetroot Cream Cheese


Pork is something that I have started eating a lot more, ever since I moved to the US for my higher studies. It can be prepared in many ways like barbecue, slow cooking, pan frying and baking. Over the last few years, I have learnt how to cook pork chops, carnitas, pork butt (shoulder), ribs and the pork loin. In the US, especially in Texas, pork is a widely used and popular protein. In this recipe I have used the whole pork loin and coupled it with a beetroot and cream cheese sauce. Recently, I have grown a fondness for Beetroot. As a kid, I wasn’t a big fan of this root vegetable but because of it’s health benefits and that ‘everything on your plate must be eaten’ teaching I grew up with, I had to eat it. The pork loin (boneless) is rubbed with salt, pepper, sumac, minced garlic…

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