Ayam Suwir (Indonesian Shredded Spicy Chicken)


Another dish that can be eaten warm or cold, is Indonesian shredded spicy chicken. Every weekend I try to make big quantity dishes so that I can have them for a few days, especially now that I don’t have much time to cook during the day. I paired this dish with my Tempe Orek (Indonesian crisp sweet&sour Tempe), and it felt just like home. Because I made it in such a big quantity, feel free to adjust according to your servings. Hope you like this recipe and happy cooking!DSC02174.JPGTotal time: 1-1.5 hour

Serving: 4-8


1.6 kg              chicken breast (about 8 chicken breasts)

To fry and blend

6                      big chilies

3                      small chilies

4                      shallot

3      …

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