Titanic’s Asparagus Salad with Golden Champagne-Saffron Vinaigrette

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I know you were expecting some sort of Lenten offering on this, the 31st day of the season. I got side tracks. All I can say is welcome to my mind. To the rest of the world, it might seem a dysfunctional, easily derailed environment. Yet for me the thought process works and it does make perfectly logical sense. Hubby would care to differ. I invite you to follow the thoughts that led to today’s posting to a wonderful, First-Class Asparagus “Salad” served on the final night aboard the Titanic. Although not a straight line, the string of thoughts aren’t totally random. Ready, set  . . . here we go. Lent leads to Easter.

Easter – Spring – Asparagus. A few years back, I made a wonderful salad for our Easter Table that featured Asparagus and Tomatoes. My family loved the Easter Salad. Salads are cold. Now thoughts of cold asparagus…

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