Recipe Potato pie with pizzaiola – Yellow Zafferano recipe

Couldn’t get the picture on this from my phone. Sorry. Excellent vegan dish, I think. I’m sure I have to negating about that. For which case, I rescind forevermore from making those kinds of distinctions or not, whether it is vegan or not. (As in, I used to think I was vegan, but became educated to believe & know & understand that I am not. Which has been a real pain to me, generally speaking, because everyone NOT vegetarian thinks I am & I also actually used to believe that, but I learn, no, that’s a sad claim wrong. So I will not entertain this discourse on this blog either. I will not refrain from unbridled lusts with unnumbered meats – nope! Not even if the carnivores in my audience cry out in hunger!)

That being said, this is a nice meatless piece of delish. I wonder if I could call myself Semi-Meatless?