Tempe Orek (Indonesian crisp sweet&sour tempe)

But you know, sometimes life is better just focusing on food or whatever it is you focus on. Like for instance this looks really good. I am focusing on it right now.


Since I started my german class and the place has no microwave, I need to always think of food that I can eat cold or room temperature. And this sweet sour tempe is perfect! It can be eaten with rice both cold and warm, as a side dish, or as a snack.

DSC02198.JPGTotal Time: 40 minutes

Serving: 4


400 g               Tempe, cut in small-thin slices

50 g                 peanuts (optional)

250 ml             vegetable oil


4                      shallot, thin-sliced

3                      garlic, thin-sliced

1 cm                galangal, crushed

2                      chilies, sliced

3-4                   lime leaf

4 tbsp              sweet soy sauce

2 tbsp              tamarind, dissolved in ¼ cup of hot water

10 g                 palm sugar, chopped

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