Beef Basil Pesto Pasta

Looks delicious!


It’s finally time for a Pasta dish! Primarily of Italian origin and made out of a few ingredients (flour and eggs) , pastas nowadays are paired with almost anything. It is a delicious form of carbohydrates, which when made right, is absolutely delicious. Growing up, my parents used to cook a lot of spaghetti and used minced meat and veggies as accompaniments to it. While the flavors were relatively simple, I have come across amazing flavors and sauces after coming to the US. Basil pesto goes amazingly well with pasta, especially the fettuccine that is used in this recipe. I have used Angus beef burger chunks as my protein and some spinach and sun dried tomatoes for the iron and my guilty conscience. Perfect for lunch or dinner and oh so simple to make!

Basil pesto fettuccine pasta with beef burger chunks, spinach and sun dried tomatoes


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