Slow Cooker Dry Rub Ribs


In Dianes Kitchen


Did you know that you can make fabulous Ribs like these in your Slow Cooker? They are fall off the bone tender, moist and delicious! The Dry Rub is the only one I use for ribs. I add BBQ Sauce on top making a delicious combination of flavors!





In a small bowl combine the dry ingredients.



Cut the slab of ribs into 3-4 bone sections.



Rub the top of the ribs with the dry ingredients.

If you have any left put it on the bottom of the ribs.



Place the ribs into the slow cooker leaning

them upright against the sides. Do not lay the

ribs flat and do not let them lay together

against each other. If I have trouble keeping

them upright and apart, I wad up a ball of foil

and place it between the ribs. Do not

add any liquid…

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