Kielbasa and Lentil Soup Recipe | Bon Appetit

I would never put Greek Yogurt on top of this unless I thought I was giving up to the spirit of eternity and a picture perfect memory. (But I don’t like Greek Yogurt.) I would rather think of a tablespoon of sour cream if it needed something tart to bring down the spice. But otherwise, the antidote of chili, is sausage and beans in sauce or else sausage and something like lentils (this is for the minority who isn’t that big on chili except for saying yes to it all the time because of the friends they have who love chili). And adding the Greek Yogurt can’t be the right answer to chili, so it can’t be the right answer to this — it isn’t a salad even if it’s healthy-ish for you. Okay that was going too far in criticizing the fetish end of high-end gourmet recipes, which the Yogurt addition is, I think, I am saying.

But I would add some garlic bread, even if it’s frozen because I don’t have an original recipe for garlic bread to offer myself. And maybe an endive/mixed greens salad with yogurt dressing, sure!


Kielbasa and Lentil Soup Recipe | Bon Appetit