Protein-Rich Vegetarian Food: Recipe of Borlotti Beans in Rich-Sauce (with balanced diet info)

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Borlotti beans are medium to large tan or hazelnut-colored beans splashed or streaked with red, magenta or black; after cooking, however, the specks vanish and the beans take on a more even, darker color. The borlotti bean is a variety of the cranberry bean bred in Italy to have a thicker skin. It is used in Italian, Portuguese, Turkish, and Greek cuisine. Borlotti bean is also known as the cranberry bean, Roman bean, saluggia bean, or rosecoco bean. Borlotti beans are a good source of both dietary fiber and protein, along with micronutrients – magnesium and iron.

In this recipe, I have merged borlotti beans with peanut-sauce to create a wonderful healthy and delicious gravy for borlotti beans.

Peanuts/Groundnuts are rich in essential nutrients, peanuts are an excellent source of several B vitamins, vitamin E; several dietary minerals such as manganese, magnesium and phosphorous; and dietary fiber. Peanuts are also a good source of protein.

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