Pasta with Potatoes, Provola Cheese and ‘Nduja

Polenta & Baccalá


After the previous recipe “Pasta with ‘Nduja“, here it is another recipe with this unique ingredient typical of Calabria region. And this is really a scrumptious recipe, with some stingy cheese too 🙂

The basic recipe is about the same of the famous Neapolitan “Pasta e patate“, and I simply added the nduja, that of course changes the final taste quite a lot.

Personally I really like this dish. Let’s see  what we need.

INGREDIENTS (2 people):

  • 180 g pasta
  • 360 g potatoes (peeled)
  • 40-50 g ‘nduja
  • 100 g provola cheese (or provolone)
  • 1 small purple onion
  • extra virgin olive oil
  • fresh basil leaves
  • salt

  1. First take a cocotte/high pot and heat a good amount of extra virgin olive oil, 2-3 tablespoons. Next to it boil also some water (about 500-600 ml we will need).
  2. Cut the onion and add it to the oil, and let…

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